Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India 2023

Hello Dear Friends, Welcome to our new post in this post you get to know about the Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India 2021, One of the unique features of the Indian Subcontinent is Monsoon. Monsoon gives India a lot of things, some of them are joy, best natural scenery, rivers are in full swing.

We Indians love to travel. We got acquainted with that place while traveling and continue to enjoy the beauty of the place. It attracts us more when the place is rich in waterfalls. During the monsoon, the waterfalls become richer in water.

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in India

Here, we are giving ‘Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In India’ for general awareness.

1. Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka

Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, Kunchikal waterfall is the highest waterfall in India and the second-highest waterfall in Asia after Japan’s Hannoki waterfall.

Cascading down from a height of 455 m (1,493 ft), it originates from the Varahi river. The falls gushing over the rocky terrain from such a great altitude provides an impressive scenic picture to the visitors.

There are many other small yet beautiful waterfalls established near Kunchikal Falls that make it one of the perfect sightseeing destinations.

2. Barehipani Falls, Odisha

The second highest waterfall across India, Barehipani Waterfalls cuddles and flows over the magnificent Meghasani Mountain. This gorgeous waterfall shares land with the majestic Simlipal National Park established in the Mayurbhanj district.

The region is pretty much popular for sheltering Indian bison (Gaurs), wild elephants, four-horned antelope (Chausingha), and Bengal tigers.

Thousands of travelers add Barehipani waterfalls in their bucket list of destinations especially if you are a nature lover then you must explore this wonderful site at least once in their lifetime.

The waterfall is situated on the Budhabalanga river which flows into the Bay of Bengal.

3. Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya – 340m

The Nohkalikai falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. It is located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on Earth in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya

. The 3rd highest waterfalls in India with a height of 1,120 ft. Cherrapunji is very famous for Hills, rainfall, living bridges, and oranges.

The other highest and popular waterfalls in Meghalaya are Nohsngithiang falls and Kynrem falls, These are also counted in the top 10 highest waterfalls in India.


The Kynshi river splits into two streams and falls down from a height of 337 m (1,106 ft) into a deep gorge, giving birth to the mighty Langshiang falls.

It is inundated with water throughout the year due to heavy rainfall in the region. The charming beauty of the rich green landscape can leave anyone in awe of this place.

The nearest major airport is located 150 km away in Guwahati.

Shillong has no train connectivity. The nearest railhead is in Guwahati, which has direct trains from many major cities of the country.

5. Seven Sister Waterfalls

Few kilometers distance from Cherrapunjee. Just 2 km from the monument of David Scott at Sohra. It is popularly known as ‘seven sister falls’ because it is divided into seven small waterfalls as it runs down the limestone cliffs.

On a bright sunny day, it reflects the sun’s rays and gives out vibrant colors in all directions which is treat to the eye. This is one of the highest waterfalls in India that is worth visiting.

6. Kynrem Falls, Meghalaya

the Kynrem Falls are located in a park known as the Thangkharang Park. Amidst the beautiful attractions offered by Meghalaya and its surroundings, the three-tiered falls at Kynrem make for one of the most stunning and attractive destinations. Be sure to visit if you have the opportunity.

Tumbling down from 305 m (1,001 ft), it is the seventh highest waterfall in India. The cascades flow down from the top of the hill into three levels.

The astonishing beauty of the falls can be best enjoyed during the rainy season when the streams are in their full swing.


The falls have their source in the Mandovi River of Goa. This four-tiered waterfall creates an illusion of an overflowing sea of milk through the mountains.

The awe-inspiring waterfall and immaculate beauty of the surroundings create a picture-perfect site for tourists.

Dudhsagar is the fifth highest waterfall in India falling from a height of 1020ft. Dudhsagar falls is obviously one of the most popular falls in the country and a great tourist attraction of Goa apart from its exotic beaches.

8. Barkana Falls, Karnataka

Barkana Falls formed by Seetha river in Shimoga district of Karnataka and appears only during rainy season. Agumbe in Shimoga district is surrounded by thick forest of Western Ghats and known as Cherrapunji of the South India.

9. Meenmutty Falls, Kerala

the Meenmutty Falls descend from a height of 980 ft. It is famous for the greenery and the forestry that surrounds it, offering an incredible opportunity to spend time in the lap of nature or go trekking in the pristine forests to watch birds.

Visit the Meenmutty Falls in Kerala if in South India, and absorb the beauty of nature.

Small walk to the falls through the woods, bamboo forest with the chirping of the birds give a good feeling. The waterfall offers a small trek route to reach at the top through rocks.

10. Nohsngithiang Falls, Meghalaya

Popularly called as Mawsmai Falls, these wonderful waterfalls are divided beautifully and neatly in seven different parts.

Also popularized as Seven Sister Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls is a symbolic of the seven sister states of North East India- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. The glory of this gorgeous waterfall is unmatched at the time of sunset when the rays of the sun falling on it creates a perennial rainbow.

By Air: Guwahati Airport is the closest airport located at a distance of 133 km from Cherrapunjee and almost 100 km from Shillong. There are regular flights landing and taking off from the airport to different major cities of the country.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Nohsngithiang Falls is at Guwahati and on reaching the railhead; the tourists can easily catch a bus or hire a cab for their onward journey.

By Road: There are several buses running between Shillong and Cherrapunjee on regular intervals. On reaching the latter city take a small taxi ride to reach Mawsmai Village from where you just have to walk for 1 km to reach the destination.

Biggest Waterfalls in India (FAQ):

Which is the largest highest waterfall in India?

Kunchikal Falls in Shimoga District of Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India and the second biggest waterfall in Asia! Situated inside the Agumbe rainforest,

Which is the second biggest waterfall in India?

Shivasamudram fall is the second largest water fall in India ( and 16th in the world). It has average width of about 850 mtrs, height of about 90 mtrs.

Which is the first waterfall of India?

Kunchikal Falls in Shimoga District Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India with a height of 1493 feet.

Which is the longest waterfall?

The tallest waterfall in the world is Venezuela’s Angel Falls, which plunges 3,212 feet (979 meters), according to the National Geographic Society.

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