Best Water Purifier Brands In India 2023

Hello & Welcome Everyone in our new post let’s talk about the Best Water Purifier Brands In India 2023, In the context of water purification, RO stands for reverse osmosis. It is one of the most popular techniques leveraged for purifying drinking water.

Therefore, it is extremely essential to invest in the best water purifier in India, Water purifiers make sure to remove the harmful salts and pathogens from water, making them safe for consumption.

Best Water Purifier Brands In India

How to choose an ideal water purifier with our detailed buyers’ guide, steps on building your own water purifier.

Every month we spend hundreds of hours researching to come up with a list of the top 10 RO water purifiers perfect for every Indian home. If you also have the same question in mind, this post will help you find the best water purifier for your home RIGHT NOW!

Aquaguard Aura 7L RO+UV e-boiling

this water purifier from the house of Aquaguard has all that a water purifier should have! It has been designed very articulately with breathtaking aesthetics that blends in perfectly with your kitchen and home.

The water purifier has an 8 stage purification technology that eliminates everything unnecessary in your water. The Aquaguard Aura water purifier makes water as pure as it has been boiled from viruses, bacteria, harmful chemicals, and even dissolved salts.

It has a sediment and pre-carbon filter that removes most of the dust particles and dissolved salts. The RO membrane removes the waste chemicals and heavy metals dissolved in water. It can remove life-threatening contaminants like lead, mercury, etc., found in industrial wastewater sources.

Aquaguard has its own patented active copper technology that infuses additional copper into your water. As we all know, Copper offers several health benefits, like improved immunity and reduced inflammation, etc.

  • Purification technology: RO + UV + MTDS
  • Water TDS Limit: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Tank Capacity: 20 liters
  • Purification Speed (Litres Per Hour): NA

New KENT Grand 8-Litres RO+UV/UF+TDS Water Purifier

The KENT Grand Water purifier may seem to look very simple and ambient, yet the features and purification it offers is marvelous. Compared to the KENT Extra variant, this one has a sleek and compact finish. You can either wall mount it or place it on a tabletop at your convenience.

The water purifier comes with a high storage capacity of 8 liters, making it an excellent purchase for small households. It has a good filtration rate of 20 liters per hour, ensuring safe and ready to consume filtered water. The tank comes with a water level indicator that helps you keep track of the water level in the tank.

The KENT RO water purifier offers a superior patented Mineral RO technology that retains water quality while efficiently filtering the unrequired components. In addition, it has a low power consumption which makes it a cost-effective investment and helps you save on energy bills.

  • Purification technology: RO + UV + UF + TDS
  • Water TDS Limit: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Tank Capacity: 8 liters

Eureka Forbes Aquasure

the Eureka Forbes Aquasure is suitable for any and every household. It has a 7 litre large tank capacity, making it a great choice for medium and small houses. The black shiny yet compact design is simple yet adds to the elegance of your kitchen.

It has an enhanced water-saving feature that allows you to save up to 60% of water upon purification. As a result, there is less water wasted which gives you a high quantity and quality of purified water.

The purifier has RO + UV + MTDS technology that allows you to adjust water quality and TDS levels. Depending on your household preferences and taste, the MTDS controller is flexible and pretty adjustable.

  • Purification technology: RO + UV + MTDS
  • Water TDS Limit: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Tank Capacity: 7 liters

AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water Purifier

A.O. Smith in your kitchen. It not only enhances the looks of your kitchen and workspace but is rich in purification features that make it worth the investment. In addition, it comes with a convenient wall-mountable and tabletop design that allows you to save space and use it as per your comfort.

The smart panel and indicators glow in the night, making it easy to locate and use the water purifier even in the dark. The touch sensors are so sensitive and accurate that you can dispense water just at the touch of a button.

You can serve yourself a cup of hot tea any time because the water purifier dispenses both hot and normal temperature water, making it very convenient to use. However, you like.

The device has an 8 stage purification technology wherein the water passes through several filters before finally being dispensed as safe for use.

  • Purification technology: RO + SCMT
  • Water TDS Limit: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Tank Capacity: 10 liters
  • Purification Speed (Litres Per Hour): NA

Havells Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells Max Alkaline comes with a RO+UV filtration and 7 stage purification system. Being both wall-mounted and table-mounted with a superb design, you can hang it anywhere in your kitchen wall or just simply place it on your countertop.

The product is certified by CE and ISI to ensure that it has gone through a large number of tests to fulfill all your requirements. The water tank has a storage capacity of 7 liters which is ideal for a medium-size family with 2 to 3 members. It is made with high-quality food-grade ABS plastic.

  • A Double filtration system is present
  • Purification capacity of this machine is 60 liters/ hour
  • This model is suitable for areas with low TDS of less than 250
  • The dimension of the product is 39 x 28.5 x 40 cm

R. K. Aqua Fresh India RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Water Purifier

R.K. Water Fresh is an outstanding name in the business which focuses on all the normal needs of the clients in the most beneficial way. The high moderateness of this water purifier makes it advantageous for most of the individuals to purchase this item.

The conservative and appealing plan of the water purifier makes it helpful for the clients to benefit as much as possible from the water cleansing process.

A.O.Smith Z2+ Under The Counter RO+MIN-Tech

The A.O Smith R.O water purifier comes in a unique design that allows you to keep it over the counter or under the sink. The compact under-the-counter design helps you in saving space, and the gooseneck faucet offers convenience in filling water. You can directly attach it to your sink tap to dispense safe-to-drink water at all times.

The purifier comes with a 5 Litre tank capacity that makes it suitable for small households or a small families. The digital display makes it easy to operate and understand when the water is being purified or when the tank capacity is full.

  • Purification technology: RO + UF
  • Water TDS Limit: Less than 2000 ppm
  • Tank Capacity: 5 liters
  • Purification Speed (Litres Per Hour):

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

HUL Pureit recently launched a new RO purifier ‘Eco Water Saver Mineral’. We were very excited when we first got to know about this product. And after getting our hands on the unit, we are even more excited to bring this review to all our valued readers.

As the name suggests, this water purifier gives you pure and sweet RO purified water, with the highest water saving. This RO water purifier comes with some unique features. It is India’s first RO purifier that recovers up to 60% water to minimize water wastage.

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO+UV+

Livpure Glo 7 litre water purifier may look all sleek and tiny but don’t go by its looks. It has a massive purification capacity and offers an advanced 6 stage purification process.

In addition, the device offers a wall mounting installation that saves space in the kitchen. The neutral color easily blends with your kitchen interiors while the purifier is very pocket-friendly and convenient to handle.

You may have to install a pre sediment filter along with the device because it has an inbuilt RO + UV purification system. It claims of a 6 stage purification process, whereas it only has an RO + UV + Mineraliser, which is inbuilt in the device. The device is also available in an RO + UV + UF  + Mineraliser variant.

  • Purification technology: RO + UV + Mineraliser
  • Water TDS Limit: 1500ppm
  • Tank Capacity: 7 liters

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-lit Water Purifier

The Blue Star Aristo Water Purifier is available in 2 variants: RO + UV and RO + UF types. The device is also available in 2 attractive colours to blend and match with your kitchen interiors.

The water goes through a 7 stage purification process. First, it has a pre-sediment filter that helps in eliminating the bigger particles like dust and gravel. Then comes the pre carbon filter that removes all organic salts and chemicals dissolved in your water supply.

The sediment filter makes sure to remove the finer particles like sand, mud, and other remnant particles present in water. The sediment filter is extra fine to ensure most of the particles get stuck in the outer filters itself.

  • Purification technology: RO + UV/ RO + UF
  • Water TDS Limit: Up to 96%
  • Tank Capacity: 7 liters

Best Water Purifier Brands In India (FAQ):

Which is the No 1 water purifier in India?

1 Rk Aquafresh India Az Series K200 ₹ 5,399
2 Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01 ₹ 9,299

Which is the best brand for water purifiers?

  1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura Water Purifier.
  2. AO Smith X2 5 L UV Ultraviolet + Ultra Fine Water Purifier. Etc

Which Kent model is best?

KENT Supreme Extra 2020 (11113), Zero Water Wastage, Wall Mountable, RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPH Water Purifier.

Why Kent RO is good?

Makes Water 100% Pure. KENT RO Water Purifiers remove bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides to make water 100% pure and healthy.

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