10 Best Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands in India

Best Non-Chinese Smartphone, Welcome Dear Friends in our another post, in this article you get to know about the 10 Best non-Chinese Smartphone Brands in India, These Chinese cellphones are good in terms of look and design, but when it comes to their usage, then there is a doubt about it that how long it will work.

you will learn about some of the best-selling non-Chinese smartphones that offer spectacular performance, seamless vice ability, quick charging support, powerful battery, So, in case you want to avoid getting a phone from a Chinese brand, here’s a list of brands that you can consider.

10 Best Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands in India

These are the best non-Chinese smartphones to buy in India.


Apple Inc is the most popular American technology company and also one of the top five best Big Tech companies in the world alongside Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

The iPhone line of smartphones are best-selling smartphones worldwide, iPhone SE 2 is the latest designed smartphone by Apple Inc. pple has launched its cheapest smartphone named iPhone SE. iPhone is the bestselling smartphone worldwide.

Nokia – Finland

Nokia Corporation information technology and electronics company has headquarters in Espoo, The company has operated in so many different industries and known to be a trendsetter in mobile industry.

The Nokia company mobile and smartphones are major contributor to the mobile telephony industry in the world.

Google Pixel

Pixel smartphone brand by Google is an Android operating system-based phone with best smartphone camera, unlimited cloud storage, unlockable bootloader, IP68 water and dust resistance.

Pixel 4 is the latest smartphone by Google along with Pixel C, Pixelbook, Pixel Slate and Chromebook series laptop of as well as Pixel wireless earbuds, Pixelbook Pen and Pixel Stand.

Samsung – South Korea

Samsung is a South Korean company and its popular affiliates include chipmaking, electronics, heavy industries and information technology.

Samsung Electronics is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones, also has developed 5G capable smartphones. The best thing about the Samsung smartphone is that it is a non-Chinese mobile phone, you get numerous options while selecting any mobile phone.

A lot of its mobile phone series such as the A-series and M-series are made in Noida, India. The factory in Noida is Samsung’s biggest mobile factory. Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones.


Motorola is one of the top non-Chinese mobile companies known for its budget and mid-range smartphones, but the company also has a flagship Moto Edge + smartphone. Moto G, Moto E, and Moto X series.

Motorola smartphones are designed to keep their audience/user in mind. Motorola smartphones are a combination of the best of features, great aesthetics, and affordable prices.

LG – South Korea

LG Electronics is another famous South Korea electronics company with four different business units, Mobile, Electronics,Entertainment and Home Appliances.

The company manufactures mobiles, curved smartphones under the brand name LG, G series of tablets and Smart watches. LG offers budget devices as well as flagship devices. Some of the best smartphones offered by LG are LG G8s ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ, etc.


Sony Corporation is a Japanese company and its diversified business includes entertainment, gaming, television, video games and smartphones. Smartphones launched by Sony were perfect for playing games, watching movies, or listening to songs.

Sony Mobile is wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, created Android smartphones under the Xperia.


AsusTek Computer is another popular Taiwanese mobile brand that currently holds a big mobile market in India, after Chinese smartphones.

Asustek Computer has also proved itself as another popular Taiwanese mobile brand. The big mobile market in India by AsusTek Computer is a great replacement for Chinese smartphones. ZenFone series of Android smartphones falls under the category of Asus 6Z.


Panasonic Corporation is also a Japanese company and also one of the largest electronics producers from Japan along with Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Pioneer and Canon Inc. Eluga is the latest series of mobile phones by Panasonic.

There are a lot of big smartphone companies that originated across the globe. These companies took a hit because of Chinese smartphones but now people are boycotting Chinese products and promoting local-made products.

Best Non-Chinese Smartphone (FAQ):

Which are non-Chinese mobile brands?

  • Pixel by Google – United States.
  • iPhone by Apple – United States.
  • Nokia – Finland.
  • Samsung – South Korea.
  • LG – South Korea.
  • Sony – Japan.
  • Panasonic – Japan.

Is Nokia owned by China?

Nokia isn’t a Chinese company. Nokia is a Finland-based company that was taken over by HMD Global in 2016.

Is Apple a Chinese company?

Apple Inc USA is an American Company that was founded in Cupertino, California. However, the items are Manufactured and Assembled in China,

Who is Apple’s biggest competitor?

Apple’s primary competitors are Microsoft, Dell & Samsung.

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