Best Free Online Typing Software and App in 2022

Hello Dear Readers in this Article We will talk about Best Free Online Typing Software and apps in 2022, These are the best Typing programs on your PC without spending any penny and learning typing fast. Typing the content on computers is a part of modern technology.

The skill of touch typing has increased over time for quick and effective content creation. Fortunately, there are a few free typing software for beginners to learn to type quickly. Today we are going to learn how to improve typing speed using Best Free Typing programs.

Best Free Online Typing Software and App

Here in this article we will compare and review the top 10 Best Free Online Typing Software. Typing is usually hard for people who are new to it. Try learning typing skills from a Typing Learning Software.

Rapid Typing Tutor


Rapid Typing tutor is also one such tool that would help with making the entire keyboard training process totally worth it.

Even kids can learn to type faster by playing a typing game with Rapid Typing Tutor. The typing software for kids and adults alike gives you easy lessons so that you can learn keyboard skills efficiently.

Pricing: Typing lessons are available for free.

KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor

KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor

An interactive program to help users to improve their current typing skills. KeyBlaze is a great free typing tutor. The software is great for those who are looking to increase their per-minute typing speed such as secretaries, data entry operators, marketers, writers, etc.

Pricing: KeyBlaze is the best typing software for PC and works best with Mac as well as Windows operating systems for free.

Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online

This free online typing tutor has 17 classic lessons. These lessons allow you to learn all the letters on the keyboard before your skills get tested through reviews.

Pricing: Speed Typing Online is a free online typing tutor software.

Typing Bolt

Typing Bolt

Do you still look at your keyboard while typing? Opt for this AI-based online typing software and learn to type using only your index fingers.

Use this online typing tutor to learn touch typing with the help of Bolt AI. Are you wondering what Bolt is? It is an Artificial Intelligent engine that studies typing patterns. It uses multiple unique algorithms to track user levels.

This is one of the best typing software, which has a user-customizable UI so that you can quickly type without looking at your keyboard. This smart UI also reflects on which finger the user should use to type each letter.

Best Free Online Typing Software

Use some cool tips and tricks offered by to learn how to type. is the best free typing software for PC, which helps improve the progress of work on a regular basis. Multiple level typing tests at one, two, and five minutes respectively help in gauging the performance levels so that you can improve your typing speed accordingly. These tests help check the speed and accuracy of your typing.



TypingClub is a web-based and highly effective typing software that is a Google for Education partner. This means that it is a customized Google product and is absolutely free of cost for individuals and schools.

There is an optional paid school edition also available. The typing software is multilingual, and supports English, German, French, and many more languages.

  • Proper hand posture guide
  • Levels, Badges, and Stars
  • Interactive experience
  • Voice Over: In this feature, every word is read out loud as you type each word.

Typing Master


Compatible with your OS, Typing Master for PC is available for free download and is widely preferred by beginners. You can double your typing speed and improve keyboarding skills in a fun way by using Typing Master typing software for Windows.

Pricing: Typing Master for PC Standard plan can be availed at ₹995 for the lifetime. The Premium license costs Rs 1395 for the lifetime.


TutorTyepe comes with a clean user interface and then this makes learning very easy. The software helps you achieve better proficiency and will also help you learn to type without looking at the keyboard.

Moreover, the tool also adds words to the dictionary thus helping you concentrate on the primary task of learning how to type. Download TutorType here.

Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is what you need to learn to type efficiently with the touch-type method. It allows you to double your speed with core keyboarding skills in just a few hours. This best free typing software for PC also covers modules for numbers, symbols, speed building, etc.

Best Free Typing Software for Mac

Zen Typist


Zen Typist is one of the best free typing software for Mac and PC. The software allows you to type even while they are on the go via their smartphones.

Zen Typist, the free typing software for Mac not only focuses on improving your per-minute typing speed but also ensures that you type with accuracy. This makes Zen Typist a good choice to improve your typing.

Pricing: Zen Typist typing tutor is free to download.

Animal Typing Lite

Best Free Online Typing Software

Animal Typing Lite is an interesting typing software to learn touch typing with your family members across all age groups. The speed of animals on the screen increases, with your typing speed. However, you need to be extra careful about typos.

If you achieve higher accuracy, you will surely be rewarded. Also, your animal changes as per your speed, such as snail for slower speed and horse for the higher typing speed. Avoid the typos, and you may get cheetah!

Pricing: This online typing app for PC is free to download on the App Store with in-app purchases.

Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers LT makes typing fun with its unique take on touch typing. It’s apt for anybody, be it kids or adults. It has a beautiful design and there is music in the background to make typing more fun. So, excited to increase your typing skills? Additionally, it also provides Typing Fingers Diploma for every level that a user successfully completes.

Pricing: Typing Fingers LT best typing software for PC can be downloaded on Mac, Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices.

The Vehicles Typing

The Vehicles Typing is a great online typing tool for kids who would enjoy watching vehicles down the road. They just have to type letters given in the balloons to keep the car running. The balloons also hold corresponding hints for the keys to be pressed.

Pricing: This typing software for kids and beginners is free to download with in-app purchases.

Best Free Hindi Typing Software

Free Hindi Typing SoftwareFree Hindi Typing Software

Today, the trend of typing in Hindi is prevalent. Businesses these days are constantly looking for those who can type in Hindi quickly. Audiences connect better when products, websites and other such information is available in their own language. In case, you are planning to learn Hindi typing so that you too can apply for such jobs then opt for any of the best free Hindi typing software for Windows 10 from the list mentioned here.

Google Input Tool

Best Free Online Typing Software

Google Input Tool for Hindi typing is available for Google Services, Chrome, Android, and Windows users. You can type in Hindi or any language you choose and start typing in the Input Box.

Pricing: You can download Google Input Tool on your Android device or install its Chrome extension on the web.


HindiWriter makes Hindi typing easier, as you don’t have to remember any new keyboard layout. It provides an in-built Indic language support from Windows. So, no additional font installation is required. HindiWriter also provides additional features, such as Spell Check and Auto Word Lookup.

Pricing: HindiWriter with built-in Indic language is a free Hindi typing software.

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

With this free desktop application, you can learn to type in Hindi. The software helps build your speed of Hindi Typing. To keep you glued to the screen, Anop Hindi Typing Tutor has a nice and colorful interface that looks like a child’s game. What’s best? This Hindi typing software doesn’t require internet access.

Pricing: Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is a freeware Hindi typing software for quick learners.

Free Typing Software Online

Touch Typing Study

Touch Typing Study

Touch Typing software for Mac advocates the concept of strengthening muscle memory instead of sight. This method is advantageous if you want to increase your data entry speed, particularly when you have to transcribe text from other visual material.

Touch Type Study is an easy-to-use typing app for PC for you to learn and practice typing and improve your typing speed and accuracy. is a typing tutor or trainer for programmers. The lessons of this typing software for programmers are based on an open-source code that helps you practice typing sequences that are like the ones on the real code.

Best Free Online Typing Software FAQs:

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Which is the best free typing software online?

The best free typing software for laptops supports different keyboard layouts with multiple color codes for improving typing accuracy & speed. The best typing tools currently are Ratatype, TypeLift, Key Hero,, and Touch Typing Study.

Which is the best software for learning typing?

1. Speed Typing Online- Best for multiple typing test rounds
2. Typing Bolt- Best for getting performance statistics in real-time
3. Typing Fingers LT- Best for typing games
4. Best for web-based support for hassle-free typing
5. Typing Trainer- Best for learning different typing skills

What are the features of the best typing software?

The best typing software provides you with the following benefits for the best typing and learning experience.

1. Informative statistics section
2. Hand posture guides
3. Social sharing options
4. Customizable interface
5. Offline support
6. Practice transcription

What are the best typing tutors?

  • Typesy
  • Typing Master
  • KAZ
  • Animal Typing – Lite
  • TypingClub

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