Best Engine Oil Brands in India 2023

Welcome to, let’s talk about today’s Article. 10 Best Engine Oil Brands in India 2023. best motor oils will help protect your engine and keep it running smoothly all year long, High quality engine oil cools down the cylinder

every engine oil has an expiry date – depending on the time or kilometers driven by a vehicle. Hence it is recommended to replace the engine oil before it loses its viscosity. so make sure to do your research when it comes to choosing the right engine oil for your vehicle because it deserves it!

Best Engine Oil Brands in India

The oil keeps the internal parts of the engine lubricated, preventing the moving parts from grinding against each other and causing damage, and keeps it cool too. Check Below List of 10 Best Engine Oil Brands in India.

Castrol India Limited

Castrol India Limited is an automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturing company. Castrol India is the 2nd largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial lubricants in the Indian lubricant market and owns around 20% market share in the overall Indian lubricant market.

Castrol India came into being in the year 1910. It is one of the most preferred brands when it comes to automotive lubricants such as multi-grade diesel engines, 4 stroke oils and passenger car engine oils. The company also deals in other products including natural gas and crude oil.

This oil’s formula includes antiwear additives to protect your engine and prevent thermal oil breakdown that your older engine will appreciate.


Gulf Oil was a major global oil company from 1901 until March 15, 1985. The eighth-largest American manufacturing company in 1941 and the ninth-largest in 1979, Gulf Oil was one of the so-called Seven Sisters oil companies.

Established in the year 1901, this is yet another renowned lubricant company. It has its headquarters in Pittsburgh. They offer top-quality engine oil that keeps the engine in excellent condition that enables your vehicle to run smoothly even on rough terrains. It is especially meant to offer protection to new-age multi-valve engines.


Valvoline Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of Valvoline-brand automotive oil, additives, and lubricants. It also owns the Valvoline Instant Oil Change and Valvoline Express Care chains of car repair centers.

Valvoline manufactures engine oils and other lubricants particularly used in tractors. The company also provides fluids and lubricants that are used in marine and power generation, industrial machinery, and metal fabrication.

Indian Oil Corporation

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is an Indian government-owned oil and gas explorer and producer, headquartered in New Delhi. It is a public sector undertaking whose operations are overseen by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

Indian Oil Corporation (Servo) offers high-quality engine oil at a reasonable price. Servo Futura D by Indian Oil is one of its best products. It has especially been formulated for the new age cars.

It provides brilliant oxidation steadiness and controls soot-induced viscosity. The engine oil also decreases the chances of wear and tear of the engine.


Shell USA, Inc. is the United States-based wholly owned subsidiary of Shell plc, a UK-based transnational corporation “oil major” which is amongst the largest oil companies in the world. Approximately 80,000 Shell employees have based in the U.S. Its U.S. headquarters are in Houston, Texas

The company deals in refining, producing, and distributing high-quality grease, engine oil, and other lubricants. It also boasts of high-end clients such as Helix Ultra and Ferrari that have been using its lubes for years.

GS Caltex

GS Caltex is a South Korean oil refiner. The company changed its name from LG-Caltex Oil Corporation to GS Caltex Corporation on January 27, 2006. It is jointly owned by Chevron and GS Group. GS Caltex was founded in May 1967 as the first private oil company in Korea.

The company offers a wide variety of engine oils including those used in heavy-duty vehicles, premium automobiles, and more. It also offers industrial lubricants.Its engine oils are especially popular among bikers. Besides offering superior quality engine oils, the company also provides crude oil, natural gas, and petrochemical products.


Honda offers Genuine Engine Oil which is known for its premium quality. It is formulated considering the conditions of the Indian roads. The oil is tried and trusted and works well for advanced engines.

Honda Genuine Engine Oil

It reduces the wear and tear of the engine rendering longer life to it. It also provides maximum power to the engine. Besides, it cools the engine under extreme heat. The company offers engine oils and other lubricants at competitive rates.

Engine oils by all these companies can be trusted. However, you cannot just opt for any of these. It is imperative to have a thorough look at what these brands are offering and pick the engine oil that is best suited for your vehicle. Even if engine oil is high in quality it would do no good to your vehicle if it isn’t formulated for it.

Bharat Petroleum

The company was formed in the year 1991. It mainly produces engine oil for two-wheelers though the ones used in four-wheelers are also available. Its engine oil has intelligent molecules that create a self-healing layer to guard your vehicle’s engine and avoid wear and tear particularly during stop and start.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is an Indian government-owned oil and gas explorer and producer, headquartered in Mumbai. It operates three refineries in Bina, Kochi and Mumbai.

Tata Genuine Engine Oil

Genuine engine oil is manufactured by Tata Motors exclusively for commercial vehicles. Petronas Lubricants also partners with Tata Motors to launch passenger vehicles lubricants and high-performing Genuine engine oils in India.

MAK Tata Motors Genuine Engine Oil

Its engine oils are among the best. They enhance the engine’s functionality and offer better mileage, enhanced engine protection, and longer aggregate life. It is essential to use the right engine oil variant to ensure good performance.

Hindustan Petrol

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is an Indian oil and gas refining company headquartered in Mumbai. Since 2018, ONGC has owned a majority stake in the company. The company is ranked 367th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s biggest corporations as of 2016

They offer outstanding engine cleanliness, enhanced fuel economy, extended engine life, and amazing oxidation stability. The company also offers other products including natural gas, petrochemical products, petroleum products, and LNG.


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