10 Best Brands of Headphones in India 2021

Best Brands of Headphones in India, Hello Everyone Welcome to another post, in this article you get to know about the 10 Best Brands of Headphones in India 2021 To enjoy pleasant music you need good earphones and here we are with some best Earphones in the market.

Good music makes your life easy and stress-free. It is the best therapy to relax from the chaos of the world. The headphones are used worldwide which gives the power of listening to the music of your own choice. Now coming to the later one, audio equipment.

Best Brands of Headphones in India


JBL American company produces audio equipment for home, professional studio and also for cinema markets. The company loudspeakers and headphones are one of the best in the Indian market of audio systems and also the best portable Bluetooth speakers. Best Brands of Headphones in India


The Skullcandy headphones are very good. They are not perfect, but then again, no brand makes perfect sets. They have unquestionable sound quality, cool and durable designs, great battery life, easy connectivity, special sound technology feature, and are affordably priced.

Ltd authorized distributor of “Skullcandy” in India on behalf of Skullcandy Inc. We take a lot of pride in our products and fully stand behind them owning to which we are offing you 1 Year warranty on Skullcandy products in India.

The company started its operation in 2003 and is headquartered in Utah, United States.


This Dutch brand is known for its top-quality consumer electronic goods priced affordably. The company is a well-known headphone brand in the audio industry with some of the most reasonable headphones.

The company produces quality headphones priced very competitively. The sound quality is crisp, the built is impressive and the designs are trendy. The wide variation of headphones at almost every price range makes Philips headphones very popular in the Indian market.

Its main goal is to manufacture high-quality headphones equipped with latest features and innovative technology.


Bose is synonymous with great headphones and with noise-canceling too. … Bose has expanded its range of noise-canceling headphones to suit every budget and diversified into other types of cans – including sporty true wireless earbuds and premium wireless over-ear headphones.


Sennheiser Electronics India Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 11 January, 2007. … Description: The company manufactures and markets electroacoustic solutions for consumers and professionals. It offers headphones and headsets; office and contact center headsets; microphones and etc.


Great noise-canceling capabilities. Less of that characteristic bass-heavy signature. Good battery life (up to 22 hours with ANC on) Great compatibility with Apple products (because duh Apple owns Beats now)

You can’t underestimate the impact Beats has had on the headphone industry. … Beats headphones can still struggle in terms of outright sound quality but their design, feature set and comfort still makes them the best option for many.


Sony Corporation was the first to produce a Walkman portable music player and listen to the music with go using the lightweight headphones. Today the company offers a wide range of headphones and earphones in India with features like extra bass, sound quality and noise-canceling headphones.

They are tested by high-end professional and sound engineers who have the proficiency in making high-quality headphones.


Panasonic commenced its operations in India in the year 1972. … Today, Panasonic India is increasingly being seen as an Indian company, though with Japanese roots. Best Brands of Headphones in India

I am very glad I settled on the Panasonic headphones. They have a solid, clean build, a simplistic, understated look, all-black, and are very comfortable. As for sound, they really are superb. There is no coloring to the sound, and yet they do not sound flat at all.


5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best products at an affordable price! The material quality is awesome. The earpads are so soft that even if you wear the headphone for a long time, there will be no pain in your ears. The battery life is totally amazing.


They offer good bass AND mid-range – which is usually non-existent in this price range. They have replaceable earpads – which increases their lifespan. They’re comfortable to wear. They have a 2-year warranty.

Best Brands of Headphones in India Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which is the No 1 headphone brand?

Answer: Sennheiser. Sennheiser is one of the leading brands of India as well as the world when it comes to headphones. The company was established by Professor Doctor Fritz Sennheiser as Laboratorium Wennebostel in 1945.

Which is the No 1 earbuds in India?

Answer: The Top 5 Headphone Brands are – Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Bose, Sennheiser and AKG. These are premium headphone brands in India with a great range of headphones.

How can you tell the quality of headphones?

Answer: To measure your headphones’ highest frequency, play back the second file until you start hearing the underlying (high pitched) sweep tone as it descends. Good headphones will reproduce frequencies up to 20 kHz, the upper limit of human hearing range. Beware though: 1/ this limit decreases as we age.

How to improve audio quality?

Answer: 4 Simple steps

  1. Keep a small distance between the speaker and the microphone.
  2. Make sure there is as little background noise as possible.
  3. Do not interrupt each other.
  4. Provide a good quality microphone.

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